EV Charging at Underscar

As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we have installed four 7kW chargers.

If you are new to EV charging or just want to know how it works please see the handy guide below.


1. Download the Pod Point App.

The Pod Point App is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

For iOS devices, download it here: App Store

For Android devices, download it here: Google Playstore

We recommend creating a Pod Point account and topping up the digital wallet before setting off.

2. When you arrive.

Locate the EV chargers in the main car park.

Mobile signal in and around Underscar is unreliable on most networks (EE, BT and PlusNet being notable exceptions)
so we have made Wi-Fi available in the car park.


3. Understanding the charging-doors.

The Twin Charger features two charging sockets protected by hinged doors.

These are named “ Socket A & B” in the Pod Point App. Both sockets are compatible with standard mode

3 charging cables and can be used to charge two vehicles simultaneously.


4. Twin Charger lighting guide.

The Twin features two lights on either side of the charger to inform the driver of the status of each charging socket they are connecting to.

Blue Light/Flashing Pink – Ready to charge

Green – Charging

Flashing Green – Finished charging

Flashing Red – Error (from time to time things go wrong. If you see this light please inform reception or email [email protected])


5. Connect your vehicle to start charging.

Using your charging cable, connect your vehicle to the Twin Charger.

Charging will start immediately, the cable will be locked and a solid green light will be shown via the status light.

Note: If you do not confirm your charge using the Pod Point App within 15 minutes, charging will stop. Only certified mode 3 cables are to be used on the Twin Charger. In-cable adapters or converters are not permitted for use.


6. Find your charger in-app.

Use the name of our chargers to locate it within the Pod Point App.

You can also search by the address or postcode of the charge point.

Underscar Time Ownership Site, Underskiddaw, Applethwaite, Keswick, CA12 4PH


7. Confirming your charge.

You will need to confirm charge within 15 minutes of your charging session starting via the Pod Point App. If your session is not confirmed then charging will stop.

To confirm your charge simply tap the “Confirm

Charge” button in-app underneath the door you are charging from (see screen 1) you will then see screen 2 in-app to confirm you have started charging.


8. Ending your charge

Once your vehicle is fully charged the Twin Charger status light will flash green and the charge from the Twin Charger will stop automatically.

Alternatively, if you would like to stop charging before your battery is full, simply unlock and remove the cable from your vehicle.

Top Tip: Once you have finished charging your car, please move it back to the property’s parking space so that other owners can enjoy the benefits of EV charging.