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Welcome to our Refer a Friend Program

At Underscar, we cherish the moments you spend with us and believe that the best experiences are shared. If you’ve enjoyed your time here, why not spread the joy by referring friends and family to our stunning destination? When they purchase a week at Underscar, you earn the chance to choose from our exclusive rewards. Whether it’s an additional 3-night stay during select months, a luxury spa voucher worth up to £250, or a case of premium wine, our thank-you gifts are designed to enhance your Underscar experience. Join us in sharing the beauty of Underscar and enjoy these special rewards as a token of our appreciation.

How It Works

Refer Friends and Family – Do you enjoy your time at Underscar? Spread the word and introduce your friends and family to our beautiful destination.

They Make a Purchase – When your referral purchases a week at Underscar, you get rewarded.

Choose Your Reward – Select from our exclusive thank-you gifts as a token of our appreciation.

Exclusive Rewards for You

As a valued member of the Underscar family, when you refer someone who purchases a week at Underscar, you can choose one of the following rewards:

  • 50% off a 7-Night Stay Enjoy an additional full week at Underscar and save up to £700.
  • A Complimentary 3-Night Break Enjoy a 3-night stay in our luxurious accommodation.
  • Luxury Spa Voucher Indulge in a luxury spa experience with a voucher worth £250 for our therapy rooms.
  • Case of Fine Wine Savour a case of premium red or white wine.


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